The Motorcoach 10-Year Rule: Yep, There’s A Reason For It!

If you’re a motorcoach owner who has spent time visiting different parks and resorts throughout The United States, you’ve likely run into the 10-year rule. You may even have had to live by it more than once.

If you’re not familiar with the rule, in a nutshell it means that your motorcoach must be 10 years old or newer to gain access to certain resorts. The rule is particularly popular in Florida, but it’s becoming a mainstay at parks and resorts across the country.

Yay or Nay On The 10-Year Rule?

Whether or not the rule is a good thing has been the cause of some debate among the motorcoach community. It is understandable for owners with rigs that are older than 10 years to be a little concerned. After all, nobody wants to make a vacation reservation only to show up and be turned away because your motorcoach is too old.

At the same time, when considering more exclusive parks and Class A motorcoach destinations, there is an expected level of ambiance that owners and guests rightfully expect – after all these parks and resorts almost always come with a pretty substantial price tag attached.

The argument among folks who do not appreciate the rule is a simple, and arguably valid, one. Just because a motorcoach is older than 10 years doesn’t mean it hasn’t been immaculately maintained and, in fact, pampered by its owners. Conversely, simply because a motorcoach is newer doesn’t mean it has not been left to disrepair. Any owner will tell you that eight or nine years of improper upkeep is plenty of time for the elements to take over and turn that newer rig into a not-so-new looking one.

Additionally, there’s the argument of what can reasonably be expected from coach owners in terms of a financial investment. Think about it, with Class A rigs running well into the seven figures, it’s a bit unreasonable to expect everyone who owns a bus to replace it every decade.

Which brings us back to the big question. Yes or no? Good or bad? It seems that owners and destinations aren’t that far apart in their viewpoints.

In The End, It’s About Quality and Consistency

What most coach owners and resort managers can agree upon is that the 10-year rule is essentially about ensuring a pleasant, well-maintained, and enjoyable environment for everyone.

After all, what guest or site owner wants to be living next door to a rig that is an eye sore. Or worse that might have mechanical issues such as tank leaks? Resort managers and boards certainly don’t want to worry about dissatisfied customers, bad reviews, sullied reputations, and even property damage that might result from improperly maintained or older coaches.

So, what’s the answer? How about compromise.

A Happy Medium

The good news is that very few motorcoach resorts take their 10-year standards as hard-and-fast, rock-solid rules. Most will gladly accept older “retro” rigs and welcome the owners with open arms once it’s clear the coach is in great condition through submitted photos or an onsite inspection.

This way the resort can weed out rigs that, frankly, might tarnish the experience of other guests, while allowing in owners with coaches we would all be proud to call our own. Some of America’s most exclusive and luxurious motorcoach resorts gladly use these inspection guidelines, including Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort, a Class A community set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and named one of the 10 Best Luxury RV Resorts 2023 in the USA Today Reader’s Choice Awards.

Ultimately, It’s The Owner’s Responsibility

If you’re planning to visit one of America’s finer motorcoach resorts, it’s up to you to learn the requirements. Some are Class A exclusive. Some only accept certain classes. But most resorts will post their motorcoach requirements, including the 10-year rule, on their websites. Additionally, the better ones will remind you about qualifications when booking over the phone, and if they don’t you should make it a point to call and ask.

In the end, if your motorcoach is in great shape (and if you love it, it probably is) you shouldn’t have any difficulty booking a site at one of the nation’s finer motorcoach destinations. The 10-year rule is really a rule about “condition”. There must be a guideline, but by making it flexible enough to allow exceptions for those who deserve them, the rule can work fairly for everyone and exactly as it was intended.

Happy travels!

Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort is a Class A-only motorcoach resort in Lake Toxaway, North Carolina. To learn more about our community, vacation bookings and ownership opportunities, visit

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