Site 33

Site 33 | $750,000

Discover serenity and luxury in the heart of the mountains. Your perfect mountain retreat awaits.

Experience the awe-inspiring comfort in this updated and modern Pavilion. Nestled in breathtaking natural beauty of the mountains, this spacious retreat offers tranquility and adventure. The expansive pavilion, featuring a granite stone bar with ample counter space, is perfect for entertaining guests. With a cover overhead made from light-colored wooden slats, sunlight filters through, creating a dappled light effect. The open sides create a window to the outdoors, seamlessly blending nature with modern comfort. Complete with sophisticated light-colored stone accents, offering the ultimate mountain luxury experience.

LOCATION: Site 33, Valley – 401 Resorts Boulevard, Lake Toxaway, NC 28747

CONTACT US: 828-767-9963