Hikes & Waterfalls

Between Pisgah Forest, Nantahala Forest, Dupont Forest and Gorges State Park, there are more falls than you can fathom – over 150 in total! Getting there can be an easy stroll or a heart-pumping hike, and you’ll find countless choices for all levels within 40 minutes of Mountain Falls. Heck, the trailhead for a lovely trek to Harris Falls starts within the resort!

Right Off The Roadside

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    Toxaway Falls

    Two minutes from Mountain Falls and tucked along Highway 64, you’ll find this 150-foot cascade. Great views can be had from the bridge.

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    Looking Glass Falls

    One of the most popular falls in Carolina is just about 36 minutes away. Park and enjoy the view. If you’re feeling adventurous, trek down and swim beneath the falls!

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    Sliding Rock

    Every summer thousands of folks slide their butts down this smooth, 60-foot sloping boulder that’s fueled by 11,000 gallons of water zipping down it every minute! Sliding Rock is about 41 minutes away.

Moderate Hikes

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    Whitewater Falls

    It’s a short hike through some rugged countryside to get to these falls that plunge 411 feet straight down. This is the tallest cascade east of the Rockies and it’s only about 15 minutes from Mountain Falls. You will have to navigate 154 steps (down and up) to do the hike.

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    Silver Run Falls

    This 25-foot waterfall sits in the Nantahala National Forest and, coincidentally, is a quick 25-minute drive from Mountain Falls. There’s a lovely swimming hole at the base of the falls for a refreshing cooldown.

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    Triple Falls

    Featured in the movie, Last of the Mohicans, Triple Falls is about 40 minutes from the resort. Like the name says, you’ll see a trio of cascades that rumble about 120 feet down. It’s about a 7-minute trek from the parking area to reach the falls.

More Strenuous Hikes

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    Harris Trail

    The trailhead starts within Mountain Falls, so you don’t even need to hop in the car to get there. The hike is through breathtaking countryside with mostly moderate terrain and a few steep pitches on the route to Harris Falls.

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    Rainbow Falls

    About 10 minutes away in the Nantahala National Forest near Gorges State Park, you’ll find this massive waterfall that tumbles down a near vertical cliff. The water crashes loudly, exploding into great clouds of spray at the base. If the sun is just right, the mist creates a rainbow just below the falls – thus the name!

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